Data Sharing and Security reserves the right to analyze and interpret personal information, general user information, to make its services more efficient and to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level, and to share it with distinguished business partners. Your personal information is evaluated by; If you have your permission, it can be usefully used to offer product updates, discount announcements and special offers. At the same time, it is possible to block all notifications thanks to the mersis number. is configured using high technology servers to provide uninterrupted service for 24 hours. On every page where you enter your personal information, you will see a lock icon on the left side of your browser. This lock represents a 128 BIT SSL certificate, any information you send through your browser; cannot be viewed by third parties. has preferred Iyzico Payment Systems in its payment infrastructure, so while you are shopping on, many banks offer installment options for your Visa, Mastercard debit and credit cards. can never store or save this information. As required by our system infrastructure, the information you enter is encrypted and sent to your bank. Your credit card information is associated with the bank you have chosen. ​ has been established for you, our valued customers, to make safe, comfortable, enjoyable and trouble-free shopping over the internet. All sensitive and personal information collected from users is stored at the highest electronic and physical security standards, with a system that only authorized personnel can access under the user’s approval in mandatory situations, the current T.R. used within the framework of laws and international laws. undertakes and guarantees that the personal and sensitive information it collects from users will not be disclosed under any name, for any reason and to any other party, without the user’s consent, not to share such information with third parties and not to misuse it in any way. It undertakes and guarantees that your database information on is not sold or shared with other companies in any way./p>